6 Must Have Wordpress Plugins - Essential WordPress Plugins

Wordpress plugins are useful, but they can easily destroy SEO of your blog or website. I have listed the most important plugins you will need for your blog or website. Also, this page teaches you how to use code instead of plugins for virtually everything you need. To me, just four or five plugins are necessary, and I have listed them below with an explanation on how to use each.

Recommended plugins includes

1. Wordpress SEO by Yoast and SEO Ultimate plugin: 

This is a must for your site. They help you clear off errors, solve the issue of duplicate contents, fixes your meta description e.t.c. Wordpress SEO by Yoast is good and superb ( there have been lots of news and hype about it), however, why not try SEO Ultimate, I love it. To me, it's better than that of Yoast.

To me, the advantage is just that the plugin from Yoast enables you to have a sitemap and also you will be able to edit the robots.txt file. The disadvantage in SEO is that you if you edit the robots.txt, it does not reflect in the browser. Also, you will need a separate XML generator. Final Verdict!! Both are good, but I still love SEO Ultimate.

2. XML Sitemap Plugin 

This is an essential plugin because your site needs a summary of every link and architecture that the search engines will be ready to understand and this will help them crawl your site very easy.

3. W3 Total Cache

 This is the total magic that will help make your site run very fast. I highly recommended you get the plugin. I will write an article on how you can set it up soon.

4. Captcha Plugin 

This is important to curb comment spamming. Though, if you have the paid version of Akismet, you do not need it, but I don’t have Akismet, so I stick to this.

5. Akismet

 The industries watchdog on comments spamming. Very ideal you have it on your site. Another good alternative is the GASP plugin.

6. Wordpress Analytics plugin 

This is very important. Installing this on your blog makes analyzing your blog by Google smooth. I highly recommend you install this on your site. This can also be done by placing Google Analytics code.

Disadvantages of Wordpress Plugins

If you use more than the stated or stipulated number of plugins, you may experience the following issues:
  1. Your blog or website will be extremely slow. Plugins are well known to make a website run slow, and this is due to numerous programs and codes in the plugin. Honestly, after deleting additional plugin on my site and switched to using codes to do the same job. Nearly all my page has a 93-95% page speed. You can confirm this at Google page speed for your pages/posts and also for my claims.
  2. It is not advisable to use two different SEO plugins on the same site because they will bring about the duplicate content of the meta description.
  3. Most plugins have hidden codes in them. You will not be able to see them but GoogleBot and BingBot see the hidden codes, and they will also penalize your site for it.
  4. Lastly, the use of Plugins will make you lazy to understand and know some basics of website programming. It is best if you can go through the pains of knowing more about PHP and HTML. It will do you much benefit.
The above-listed plugins are all that you need. If you have additional inputs, clarifications and questions, kindly let us know.


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